Vigorous UN reform needed to face global challenges, says Mongolian leader

Mongolia called for vigorous reform of the United Nations today so that it can play its essential role in resolving global challenges, from the world financial crisis to peace and security to climate change.

UN and partners seek $18 million for disaster-hit Mongolia

United Nations agencies and partner humanitarian organizations today requested more than $18 million to assist nearly 800,000 people in Mongolia who are suffering from the combined effects of a long, severe winter and a preceding harsh summer drought.

Mongolia: UN provides more funds as severe winter continues to bite

The United Nations has allocated $3.7 million in emergency funding to support UN agencies in Mongolia as they try to assist more than half a million people suffering from the combined effects of a long, severe winter and a preceding harsh summer drought.

UN provides medical help for pregnant women amid Mongolia’s harsh winter

Severe winter conditions in Mongolia are preventing expectant mothers from reaching health facilities, requiring the United Nations to bring medical help closer to them.

Mongolia: UN airlifts emergency supplies to children amid severe winter

As temperatures in western Mongolia continue to hover around -40 degrees Celsius, the United Nations is sending woolen blankets, warm footwear, hygiene kits and other emergency supplies to nearly 4,000 school-age children living in poor rural areas of the country.

UN cash-for-work scheme to help Mongolian herders amid livestock disaster

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is developing a cash-for-work programme in Mongolia under which herders will earn income to clear and bury the carcasses of the over 2 million livestock that have perished nationwide amid a particularly harsh winter.

As severe winter spreads death and shortages in Mongolia, UN appeals for funds

With weeks of freezing temperatures and heavy snows leaving more than half of Mongolia’s 21 provinces in urgent need of aid, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today appealed for nearly $750,000 to face a crisis that is already seeing youngsters die and threatens scores of thousands more.