Service and Sacrifice: Mongolia continues to strengthen its contribution to UN peacekeeping

Mongolia first joined United Nations peacekeeping in 2002 with the deployment of two unarmed military observers to the UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara.  Soon after that, it sent two more officers to the UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Since then, Mongolia has continued to expand its contributions to UN peace operations in hot spots around the world.

Enhancing connectivity, market access ‘priority’ for landlocked nations, Mongolia tells UN

Due to climate change, Mongolia is exposed to multiple environmental challenges, namely desertification, drought, land degradation, wildfires and other calamities, its Foreign Minister said today at the United Nations General Assembly.

Ban, Mongolian President discuss politics of landlocked developing countries

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today praised Mongolia's “pioneering role” in of promoting the needs of landlocked developing countries, and its active role in sustainable development.

UN independent expert warns economic growth in Mongolia is not benefiting the poor

While the Mongolian economy has experienced continued growth, this has not benefited the country’s poor, a United Nations independent expert warned today, urging the Government to adopt poverty reduction strategies based on human rights approaches.

Natural resource boom in Mongolia an opportunity to alleviate poverty – UN official

The recent economic growth in Mongolia due to a boom in its mining sector represents an opportunity to reduce poverty in the country, the United Nations development chief Helen Clark said, encouraging the Government to implement long-term sustainable policies that will increase prosperity for all of its citizens.

Vigorous UN reform needed to face global challenges, says Mongolian leader

Mongolia called for vigorous reform of the United Nations today so that it can play its essential role in resolving global challenges, from the world financial crisis to peace and security to climate change.

UN and partners seek $18 million for disaster-hit Mongolia

United Nations agencies and partner humanitarian organizations today requested more than $18 million to assist nearly 800,000 people in Mongolia who are suffering from the combined effects of a long, severe winter and a preceding harsh summer drought.

Mongolia: UN provides more funds as severe winter continues to bite

The United Nations has allocated $3.7 million in emergency funding to support UN agencies in Mongolia as they try to assist more than half a million people suffering from the combined effects of a long, severe winter and a preceding harsh summer drought.

UN provides medical help for pregnant women amid Mongolia’s harsh winter

Severe winter conditions in Mongolia are preventing expectant mothers from reaching health facilities, requiring the United Nations to bring medical help closer to them.

Mongolia: UN airlifts emergency supplies to children amid severe winter

As temperatures in western Mongolia continue to hover around -40 degrees Celsius, the United Nations is sending woolen blankets, warm footwear, hygiene kits and other emergency supplies to nearly 4,000 school-age children living in poor rural areas of the country.