Annan opens historic UN migration meeting by welcoming Belgian offer to host forum

Secretary-General Kofi Annan today welcomed Belgium’s offer to host the first meeting next year of his proposed Global Forum on Migration and Development, a standing body in which countries will be able to discuss and exchange the best ideas and practices on the issue.

Civil society input crucial to global talks on migration, Deputy Secretary-General says

As delegates from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), civil society and the private sector gathered at United Nations Headquarters in New York today for hearings on international migration and development, Deputy Secretary-General Mark Malloch Brown hailed their input as crucial to the intergovernmental approach to the issue.

UN officials stress the positive aspects of international migration

Senior United Nations officials today stressed the mutual benefits to countries of international migration, emphasized the importance of the high-level dialogue to take place in September examining the links between migration and development, and strongly backed the findings of the Secretary-General’s report issued earlier this week focusing on the global phenomenon.

Annan proposes global forum examining link between migration and development

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today proposed a standing forum led by all 191 Member States which governments could use to share ideas and discuss best practices and policies related to international migration and how this phenomenon ties in with global development.

UN-backed conference seeks to stem death toll in migration from Africa to Spain

Faced with a rising death toll at sea among migrants seeking to reach Spain from Africa, the United Nations refugee agency today sponsored a conference in Madrid to promote practical and effective cooperation between Mediterranean States to tackle the humanitarian and protection aspects of irregular migration.

UN refugee agency voices ‘regret’ over new Danish immigration rules

In its latest expression of concern over new European immigration laws, the United Nation refugee agency has said it “regrets” Denmark’s adoption on Tuesday of amendments allowing for easier expulsion “which are not fully in line with the UN Refugee Convention.”

UN officials call for partnership between countries that send and receive migrants

With some 200 million people living outside their home countries, more than any time in history, partnerships are needed between countries of origin and destination to maximize benefits and minimize risks in both, a United Nations meeting on population was told today.