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Palestinians trapped in ‘coercive environment’, says UN rights official

Many Palestinians living under Israeli occupation suffer from a “coercive environment” where settlement expansion has made people’s lives so unbearable that they feel pressured to move, according to James Heenan, head of the UN human rights office in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.  Mr. heenan spoke with Reem Abaza of UN News in Jerusalem, explaining the challenges Palestinians routinely face, in the West Bank,  East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

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‘Dire consequences’ for a million children in the Middle East, North Africa, as funding dwindles

Amidst a $33 million funding shortfall, plunging temperatures in the Middle East and North Africa pose a major threat to children in the region, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said on Tuesday.

News in Brief 22 August 2018

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Humanitarian aid in Middle East should not be held hostage to politics – UN political chief

Recurring cycles of violence in the Middle East highlight the need for international efforts to prevent hostilities, provide humanitarian aid and support Palestinian reconciliation, the UN’s political chief told the Security Council on Wednesday.

Promising signs from Palestine bid to promote women’s rights, says UN rights expert

Promoting the rights of women in the Occupied Palestinian Territory “is not going to be easy” but the political will is there to bring about change, a leading UN-appointed expert said on Monday. It marks the first time that the Palestinian Authority, which administers much of the occupied West Bank, has worked directly with the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). CEDAW member Nahla Haidar talked to UN News.

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News in Brief 16 July 2018

  • The international community must continue to support Libya’s recovery: UN Envoy
  • In Gaza, UN Envoy calls all parties to de-escalate the situation
  • In Syria, humanitarian needs re-assessed as control shifts on the ground
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News in Brief 25 June 2018

  • Responsibility to protect strengthens sovereignty, says UN chief
  • Territorial integrity at risk in Middle Eastern and North African countries, Security Council hears
  • Finding new homes for refugees — a major challenge: UN report
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Security Council urged to act with ‘one strong voice’ on raft of ills plaguing Middle East and North Africa

Ambassadors in the Security Council have been urged by the United Nations Secretary-General to find ‘much-needed consensus’ to resolve the myriad challenges in the Middle East and North Africa.

News in Brief 17 May 2018

  • Ebola confirmation in DRC city ‘concerning’: UN health chief
  • UN mission deploys more blue helmets to troubled South Sudan state
  • Aid official calls for urgent support for Gaza violence victims
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Leading Palestinian legislator calls for ‘new international engagement’ in two-state solution

Describing a viable two-state solution to peace in the Middle East as “very much in doubt”, a leading Palestinian legislator called on Wednesday for “new international engagement” to move the process forward.

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