“Light ladies” help resolve Pakistan energy crisis

Pakistan’s so-called “Light Ladies” are helping power up off-grid villages, becoming real agents of change in their hometowns, a young female executive has said.

The initiative is part of the “light a million lives” project of the Buksh Foundation, a microfinance institution.

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UN-backed small loans help refugees in Ecuador break out of poverty

A United Nations-supported microcredit project is helping vulnerable refugees in Ecuador, especially women who have turned to sex work to support themselves and their families, break out of poverty.

UN group makes recommendations on access to financial services for the poor

A panel of United Nations finance experts has issued a set of recommendations on how governments, regulators, development partners and the private sector can enable the world’s poor to better access financial services.

UN Capital Development Fund signs agreement to expand microfinance education

The United Nations Capital Development (UNCDF) and the State University of New York (SUNY) today signed a deal to expand a microfinance training programme that aims to help poor people in developing countries enjoy greater access to financial services.

Microfinance is now more than microcredit in developing countries, World Bank says

The financial system that started off decades ago as just small loans to the poor has expanded into such diverse small-scale services for its clients as providing credit cards, setting up saving programmes that identify illiterate clients by a fingerprint and having audited financial standards for microfinance institutions, a World Bank executive said.