UN fund to help over 100,000 Bangladeshi women entrepreneurs

A new United Nations-backed development project will help nearly 120,000 Bangladeshi microentrepreneurs – 90 per cent of whom are women – expand their small enterprises and develop new ones.

UN-sponsored forum explores ways to get financial services to poor

The governors of several central banks, recipients of micro-business loans and other business people from around the globe attempted to zero in on the most effective ways to get credit to the poor, as a forum on microcredit, or grassroots financial services, continued today as part of the International Year of Microcredit 2005.

UN-sponsored forum calls for 'inclusive finance' to reduce poverty

World Bank Director Paul Wolfowitz joined other leaders in international development at United Nations Headquarters today to call for an inclusive finance services in developing countries to reduce poverty at a forum on expanding microcredit, or small-scale services for poor entrepreneurs.

Annan calls for small loans to millions of people with unmet borrowing needs

With the innovation of micro-financing, there is a now a powerful way to help many millions around the world finance their small business ventures, improve their homes, and come back after a natural disaster, but institutions will need to do their part in order reach the people in need, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan told a symposium of experts in Geneva today.

Wall Street, UN experts mark International Year of Microcredit

Marking the United Nations International Year of Microcredit 2005, financial experts from the UN and Wall Street met today to explore how to make financial services available to millions of poor and low-income people around the world.

Experts at UN to look at evolving role of microfinance in reducing poverty

With the United Nations International Year of Microcredit 2005 just two months old, a blue-ribbon group is holding a major symposium Saturday at UN Headquarters in New York to highlight changes in the use of the small loans to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of halving extreme poverty by 2015.

UN labour agency hails role of microcredit in creating job, slashing poverty

Stressing that micro-financing is crucial to poverty reduction worldwide, the United Nations labour agency has hailed the work of a United States-based non-governmental organization that seeks to reach 100 million of the poorest families with very small loans by the end of 2005, the UN International Year of Microcredit.

Availability of small loans, savings accounts can make a difference to the poor, says Annan

As the United Nations today dedicated 2005 to highlighting the benefits that small loans and savings accounts can bring to the world's poor and low-income people, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan stressed the need to make such financial services more accessible.

International Year of Microcredit spotlights financial services to help poor - UN

Making financial services such as credit, savings and insurance more accessible to poor and low-income people can help lift them out of poverty by enabling them to start businesses, save money and better support their families, the United Nations said today.

Microcredit aids poor, especially women, UN envoy for developing countries says

The top United Nations advocate for poor countries said today that microcredit programmes are the most effective way to aid in development, particularly for impoverished women, and urged Member States to contribute to the funds that supply the money that backs the loans.