UN independent expert calls for human rights approach to address Mexico drug problem

Nearly 50,000 people in Mexico have been killed over the past six years, victims of the drug violence in the country.

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Mexico: UN and regional experts urge government to take action to protect journalists

The Mexican Government should implement a new law to protect journalists and human rights defenders, a group of United Nations and regional experts stressed today, adding that authorities must prioritize breaking the cycle of impunity which has led to repeated killings in recent years.

Noting ‘disturbing trend’ in Mexico, UN rights office condemns murder of journalist

The United Nations human rights office today voiced alarm over the killing of a journalist in Mexico this past weekend, and condemned what it said is a “disturbing trend” of media professionals being murdered in the country, where more than 70 have been killed over the past 12 years.

Mexican women fight exploitation

A growing number of women are facing exploitation on the streets of Mexico City one of the world’s largest cities that’s according to organizations in the Central American country that are working to protect women from prostitution and homelessness.  More and more young people, especially women,

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