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UN Gender Focus: intersex awareness and Indigenous people

Estimated 1.7 percent of new-born babies are intersex: UN campaign

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On World Mental Health Day, Ban cites need of immediate support for post-crisis psychological distress

Marking World Mental Health Day 2016, the United Nations has highlighted the importance of making mental healthcare available to everyone who needs it – with a focus this year on providing immediate support to those in psychological distress after a crisis.

UN Gender Focus: wartime sexual violence, indigenous peoples and refugee mothers

Sexual violence in conflict crimes “so bad” in South Sudan

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Psychological treatment for refugee mothers can greatly improve children’s futures

Providing psychological treatment to traumatized refugee mothers can greatly improve their children’s futures.

That’s according to Michael Wessells, Professor in the Program on Forced Migration and Health at Columbia University.

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Investing in treatment for depression and anxiety leads to four-fold return – UN report

Depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy $1 trillion each year, and every one dollar invested in scaling up treatment leads to a return of four dollars in better health and ability to work, according to a new study led by the United Nations health agency.

Putting mental health at centre of development agenda

Depression and anxiety are increasing worldwide and cost the global economy US$ 1 trillion each year, according to the UN.

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New UN guide aims to address mental health needs in humanitarian emergencies

Two United Nations agencies today issued a new guide to address the growing needs of millions of adults and children suffering from mental health problems in humanitarian emergencies around the world arising from natural disasters, disease outbreaks and armed conflicts.

On World Mental Health Day, Ban calls for improved care for schizophrenia

Suffering from schizophrenia should not have to mean enduring “a life sentence of isolation and poor physical health,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today as he urged the creation of better support networks and services for people living with the mental health disorder.

UN agencies release new guidelines on mental health care for trauma and loss

The United Nations health and refugee agencies today released new guidelines and clinical protocols on mental health care for adults and children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and bereavement.

UN launches new tool to help stop abuse of people with mental health conditions

The United Nations health agency today launched a new tool to help countries protect the rights and dignity of people with mental health conditions and stop abuses against them.