UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva: Tigray, Afghanistan, and Palestinian economic decline

In this week’s show, the UN’s top humanitarian official says that famine is likely happening in Ethiopia’s Tigray, while food waste and poor diets continue to handicap millions of children worldwide, the Food and Agriculture Organization says.

We’ll also hear from an Afghan political activist who's speaking up for women's rights after the Taliban takeover, as well as bleak prospects for recovery in the Occupied Palestinian Territories from UN economists UNCTAD...and, a global initiative to tackle meningitis, with the help of the World Health Organization. 


© FAO/Sumy Sadurni

News in Brief 28 September 2021

  • Food waste: A global problem that undermines healthy diets - FAO 

  • New global meningitis strategy aims to save 200,000 lives a year  

  • COVID-19: Indigenous children and those with disabilities hit hard 



Drug firms urged to help stem killer meningitis outbreak

A global shortage of vaccines against the killer meningitis disease could result in a large outbreak in Africa, the UN said Tuesday.

The warning comes amid a resurgence of meningitis C in Sub-Saharan Africa which has not been seen since the 1970s.

Niger and Nigeria are in the grip of the latest outbreak, with 12,000 cases and 800 deaths so far, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and partner agencies.

Daniel Johnson has the details.

Duration: 3'06"