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Swathi Bhargav Iyengar

‘All countries want to tackle the rising cost of medical expenditures’: WHO’s up and coming economics guru

Young, creative and bold minds, who are helping redefine their own areas of expertise, are highlighted every year by the US business publication, Forbes.

This year, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) youthful health economist Swathi Bhargav Iyengar, made the “30 under 30” list, for developing the WHO’s MedMon mobile application.

The app is the first low-cost, rapid data collection and analysis tool to determine price, availability and safety risks of medicines worldwide.

WHO/Christian Lindmeier

New life-prolonging cancer medicines added to list of essential treatments

Groundbreaking cancer treatments and medicines used to help mothers who’ve just given birth, are just two of the essential health products that all countries around the world should be providing, UN experts said on Tuesday.

In an interview with UN News’s Daniel Johnson, Dr Nicola Magrini from the World Health Organization explains how several newly-available medicines could transform people’s lives in rich and poor countries, thanks to their innovative qualities.

WFP/Photo Library

“Absolutely nothing” justifies Syria sieges: UNICEF

“Absolutely nothing” justifies the continuing use of siege tactics by the warring parties in Syria, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said on Monday.

UNICEF’s Regional Director Geert Cappelaere said that escalating violence in the besieged eastern city of Deir ez-Zor had put 93,000 civilians at risk, including more than 40,000 children.

The extremist group ISIL, or Daesh, has surrounded the city since July 2014, depriving its residents of food, medicines and other essentials.