UN health agency steps up war on multi-billion-dollar counterfeit medicine market

The multi-billion-dollar market for counterfeit medicines was placed squarely in the cross-hairs of a new United Nations-backed initiative today to help national authorities crack down on the products, which can promote drug resistant strains of disease, worsen medical conditions and kill patients.

UN health agency seeks to close gaps in pharmaceutical research and innovation

Promoting pharmaceutical innovation by shortening the development process, revamping the payment system and a varied approach to balancing research and market demands, with Europe playing the leading role, are among the findings of a groundbreaking report released by the United Nations health agency today.

UN health agency issues safety and sustainability guidelines for herbal medicines

With growing reports of adverse effects from herbal medicines and the risk that over-harvesting could lead to the extinction of endangered species, the United Nations health agency today issued guidelines for good agricultural and collection practices in an industry estimated to be worth more than $60 billion a year.

UN study analyzes how benefits from traditional medicines are shared

A new United Nations report spotlights the complexities of equitably sharing profits from the commercial use of herbs traditionally nurtured by indigenous groups, but recently analyzed and patented by non-indigenous corporations.