World entering era of “war of information”

The world is entering a new era typified by a “war of information” mounted by terrorist groups, the UN Security Council has heard.

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UN Headquarters plays host to popular US radio talk shows for a day

Thousands of radio listeners in the United States heard the airwaves buzz with news and views about the United Nations on Thursday when the Organization’s Headquarters in New York served as the venue for daily broadcasts by popular radio talk shows.

Empowering women through media explored at UN meeting in Beirut

Women media experts and journalists meeting at the United Nations House in Beirut today began a four-day conference aimed at assessing how communications technology can serve to promote gender equality worldwide.

Media coverage of human rights issues examined at UN forum

Quandaries facing news organizations in covering international affairs and the media's impact on public understanding of complex issues on the United Nations agenda were at the centre of a spirited debate today that brought together top UN officials and leading journalists from around the world.

UN-produced documentaries take gold and silver awards at World Media Festival

Two United Nations-produced documentaries, "Armed to the Teeth" and "Legacies of War", have received Gold and Silver awards respectively at the World Media Festival in Hamburg, Germany.

Informed media coverage of world affairs key to global progress: UN official

Just as a free and well-informed national media is critical to peace and democracy within countries, so too is international coverage essential to progress at the global level, a United Nations official told a major forum of Asian journalists in Singapore today.

UN combines new and traditional media to inform public, Assembly panel told

A senior United Nations official in charge of UN information activities pledged today to harness the power of the latest advances in communications technology, including the Internet, while making full use of traditional media in providing services to developing countries.