Global cooperation crucial to achieving development targets, nations tell UN

Meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), eight ambitious anti-poverty targets agreed on by world leaders, by their 2015 deadline will require concert global cooperation, nations have told the General Assembly’s high-level annual debate.

Road to prosperity does not go through aid, Mauritius tells General Assembly

The world’s poorer countries should focus more on devising pro-business policies than relying only on aid if they are to eliminate poverty and register lasting economic growth, the leader of Mauritius told the General Assembly today.

Financial crisis eroding development gains, African leaders warn at UN

The current worldwide recession is jeopardizing strides made toward reaching development targets, African leaders told the General Assembly today, calling for imbalances in the global trade system to be rectified to ensure that developing nations can grow their economies.

Partnerships and resources vital to achieving anti-poverty goals, says UN official

Achieving the goals of halving poverty, hunger and other ills by 2015 can be done, the United Nations development chief stated today, stressing that it will take strong partnerships, dedicated resources and unwavering political leadership.

Dominican Republic calls for tax on tax havens to fund UN humanitarian goals

Dominican Republic President Leonel Fernández today called on the United Nations General Assembly to consider a possible tax on tax havens, off-shore banks and international financial centres to make up for the damage the global economic crisis has wrought on efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Princess Máxima of the Netherlands named new UN advocate on inclusive finance

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has named Princess Máxima of the Netherlands has his new Special Advocate on Inclusive Finance, which he said can spur poverty reduction and advance development.

World falling short on pledges to lift people out of poverty – UN report

Governments are falling well short of the financial commitments made to help developing countries climb out of poverty and meet other internationally agreed goals aimed at combating hunger and a host of other social and economic ills by 2015, according to a United Nations report launched today.

Ban emphasizes ‘power of prayer’ in tackling global challenges

Faith has a key role in addressing current global challenges, ranging from disarmament to climate change to the economic crisis, and in bringing people together to promote peace and progress, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said.