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Community organizer Dr, Toh Aung from the Myanmar Environmental Rehabilitation Conservation Network in Bo Taung village
MERN (Myanmar Environmental Rehabilitation Conservation Network)

From The Field: Restoring Myanmar’s Mangroves

Myanmar is believed to be experiencing one of the highest rates of mangrove loss in the world. When a company bought land containing a mangrove forest in the  country’s Tanintharyi region, with plans to convert it into prawn farms, the local community fought back.

Mangroves in Kenya's town of Vanga, Kwale county are nursery grounds for fish.
UN/ Thelma Mwadzaya

With mangrove conservation, Kenya’s coastal communities plant seeds for sustainable ‘blue growth’

The southern ocean border of Kenya and Tanzania is dotted with thick hedges of mangroves – indispensable carbon sinks and spectacular ecosystems teeming with life – that appear to float dreamlike over creek beds and mudflats. These hardy trees and shrubs, and the communities that depend on them, are getting a major boost from UN-backed restoration plans that are also helping to reduce poverty and build economic resilience.