A UN mission aims to stabilize situation in Mali

Hopes for resolving the ongoing political crisis in Mali have been raised with the establishment of a United Nations mission that is expected to take over from African troops in the country.

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Security Council unanimously approves new UN peacekeeping mission in Mali

The Security Council today approved a 12,600-strong United Nations peacekeeping operation to take over from the African-led mission in Mali on 1 July and authorized the blue helmets “to use all necessary means” to carry out security-related stabilization tasks, protect civilians, UN staff and cultural artefacts, and create the conditions for the provision of humanitarian aid.

Political solution critical for Mali, says an independent expert on Africa

A political solution is crucial to end the crisis in Mali, according to the International Crisis Group (ICG), which is an independent organization committed to resolving conflicts around the world.

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UN senior officials urge political focus in Mali efforts, while aid agencies flag budget gaps

The top United Nations political official today reiterated the importance of the political process in Mali at a high-level meeting with senior UN and Government officials, while UN aid agencies urged more funding to assist the hundreds of thousands of Malians driven from their homes.

Mali: UN food agency ‘urgently working’ to aid communities despite insecurity

The continuing conflict in Mali combined with the country’s impending “lean season” is threatening to aggravate hunger in the Sahelian nation, the United Nations food aid agency warned today, adding that it was “urgently working” with partner organizations to help affected families, particularly in the country’s North.

Mali: UN reaffirms support for African military force after deadly terrorist attack

The United Nations today reaffirmed its determination to back the African-led International Support Mission in Mali (AFISMA) after a terrorist suicide bombing killed three Chadian members of the force, which is helping national efforts to recover the northern Sahara region of the trouble-wracked country from insurgents.

Security Council holds talks on UN presence in Mali

The Security Council on Wednesday held consultations on potential UN engagement in Mali.

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Options for future UN involvement in resolving Mali crisis presented to Security Council

The United Nations political chief today stressed the need to tackle an array of political, governance and security challenges to help resolve the crisis in Mali, as he outlined Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s options for a possible UN peace and security presence in the country, including the deployment of a UN stabilization mission.