Malaysia must protect environment, indigenous rights as it reduces poverty – UN expert

After moving significantly towards reducing poverty, Malaysia must ensure that such gains do not come at the expense of the environment and the rights of vulnerable groups in society such as indigenous communities and migrant workers, a United Nations expert warned today.

Malaysia: UN chief encourages dialogue to peacefully resolve situation in Sabah

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged an end to violence and encouraged dialogue among all parties to peacefully resolve the situation in Sabah, Malaysia.

UN rights office hails Malaysia’s intention to repeal colonial-era Sedition Act

The United Nations human rights office today welcomed the announcement by the Malaysian Government that it will repeal a 1948 law that curbed free speech and freedom of expression in the South-east Asian nation.

Ban praises Malaysia’s poverty reduction, urges it to share its experiences with others

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today commended Malaysia for “making great strides” in reducing poverty, adding that the country must share its experiences with the world to enhance development in other nations.

Malaysia: UN rights office voices concern about recent crackdown on protesters

The United Nations human rights office today voiced concern about the apparent use of excessive force against protesters on the weekend by Malaysian police and possible retaliation against demonstrators who were arrested and released.

UN human rights expert criticizes ‘heavy-handed’ police methods in Malaysia

An independent United Nations human rights expert today said Malaysia’s “heavy-handed” control of a demonstration on Saturday risks democracy there, and expressed concern with reports of detention of political leaders.

Hundreds of refugee women visit first-ever UN-backed free clinic in Malaysia

A free clinic backed by the United Nations refugee agency – the first of its kind – recently drew over 300 women at a community centre in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysian ‘tiger girl’ wins UN-letter writing competition to save the planet

Assuming the mind of a tiger cub, a young Malaysian girl has won a United Nations letter-writing competition, beating out over 3 million other youngsters from around the world who were asked to put themselves in the position of a wild animal whose habitat is threatened by environmental or climate change.

Malaysia should boost education through strengthened human rights: UN expert

Malaysia should bolster its education system and human rights mechanisms simultaneously, a United Nations expert has said following extensive consultations in the country, which he praised for its efforts to provide “world-class” schooling.

Last of Vietnamese boat people in Malaysia returns home, UN agency reports

The last remaining Vietnamese refugee in Malaysia, out of more than 250,000 "boat people" who began landing there 30 years ago, has returned home, marking a significant milestone in the history of the exodus, the United Nations refugee agency reported today.