Funding slowdown threatens to roll back progress made in combating malaria – UN report

A significant slowdown in global funding of anti-malaria campaigns threatens to roll back impressive gains made against the preventable mosquito-borne disease over the last decade, the United Nations health agency said today as it released its annual assessment report on the disease.

UN health agency warns of threat from rising anti-malarial drug resistance in Asia-Pacific region

Growing resistance to a key anti-malarial drug derived from a shrub used in traditional Chinese medicine is threatening to roll back gains made in combating the disease, a United Nations-backed health conference that concluded today in Sydney, Australia, has heard.

UN chief calls on countries to intensify efforts to combat malaria

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called on countries to intensify their efforts to combat malaria, stressing that despite remarkable progress in recent years, much more needs to be done to end the “monumental tragedy” of one child dying every minute from the disease.

UN envoy calls for collaborative approach to accelerate fight against malaria

An increase in collaboration and partnerships among donor and recipient countries must occur to boost efforts to prevent and treat malaria, a United Nations envoy stressed today, while also calling for an increase in funding to combat the deadly disease.