Luis Carrilho

Policing the pandemic: how UN Police are maintaining law, order, and public health

In several countries afflicted by years of armed conflict, The UN assists with law and order issues, including policing expertise. This work is being challenged, as never before, by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this interview with UN News, Luis Carrilho, head of the UN Police Division, describes how the virus is affecting the ability of his colleagues to keep the peace.

'Police Week' a “unique time” to listen and learn: new Police Adviser

Police Week which began at UN Headquarters in New York on Monday, is a “unique time” for all involved in policing to exchange experience and learn from each other.

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UN peacekeepers determined to see rule of law in CAR

UN peacekeepers in the Central African Republic will continue to support authorities in their efforts to improve security despite the killing of a colleague; that’s according to Luis Carrilho, Police Commissioner at the UN mission in the country, known as

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