Louise Arbour

U-turns on Global Compact ‘reflect poorly’ on countries concerned: senior UN migration official

In an exclusive interview with UN News, Louise Arbour, the UN Special Representative for International Migration, said on Tuesday that the stated intention of several countries (including Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria) to pull out of the Global Compact for migration has seriously affected the spirit of multilateralism.

Migrant stereotypes 'completely disconnected' from reality

Although some people believe migrants arrive in countries to “steal” local jobs and take advantage of social services, these perceptions are not based in reality.

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Migration compact needs to be “truly global”: UN Representative

Governments now understand that their national migration policies cannot work unless they fit into an international model.

That’s the message from the UN Special Representative for International Migration, Louise Arbour.

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News in Brief 12 October 2017 (PM)

Libyan government urged to find alternatives to “horrific” detention centres

The Libyan government needs to establish alternatives to detention centres in the country, where human rights abuses of migrants and others have become “endemic”.

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World has “every interest” in better managed migration: UN expert

The world has every interest in managing migration better, given the expanding global population and the huge increase in people on the move.

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Boosting “financial inclusion” for migrant cash is “a low-hanging fruit”

Allowing families who receive cash from migrants working overseas access to reliable financial services, is “a low-hanging fruit” which would boost sustainable development.

That’s the view of Louise Arbour, the UN Special Representative for International Migration.

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News in Brief 19 June 2017 (PM)

“Deep concern” for safety of 100,000 in Syria’s Deir Ezzour city

“Deep concern” was expressed by the UN on Monday for the safety of around 100,000 Syrians trapped inside the city of Deir Ezzour.

It’s been besieged for nearly three years by the extremist group Daesh, or ISIL.

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