As Libya marks 64th independence anniversary, UN envoy urges unity behind new Government

A week after brokering an accord for a national unity government in strife-torn Libya, the top United Nations envoy for the country urged all Libyans to use today’s 64th independence anniversary to put their differences behind them and unite behind the new inclusive institutions.

Hailing political accord, Security Council urges international aid against terrorist groups in Libya

Welcoming the newly signed United Nations-brokered accord for a national unity government in Libya, the Security Council today urged the parties to implement its terms within the 30-day time limit, and called on the world community to provide all necessary aid to defeat terrorist groups.

Libya’s dire humanitarian situation requires funding ‘on time and in volume,’ warns senior UN relief official

World Food Programme (WFP) trucks have begun distributing 1,300 tons of food to Libyans in dire need of assistance, but with nine days left in the year, the United Nations aid plan for more than 2.4 million people for 2016 has received zero funding, the top UN humanitarian official in the strife-torn country said today.

UN welcomes ‘historic’ signing of Libyan Political Agreement

Representatives from a broad range of Libyan society today signed a United Nations-brokered agreement on forming a national unity government, a move welcomed by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and his top envoy for the country as among the “essential building blocks towards a peaceful, secure and prosperous Libya,” but also as “the beginning of a difficult journey” along that path.

Libyan parties set 16 December as date to sign political agreement – UN envoy

The new United Nations envoy for Libya announced today that the parties to the country’s political dialogue process have agreed to set 16 December as the target date to sign the UN-facilitated agreement on forming a national unity government, aiming to bring an end to a crisis that has left nearly 2.4 million Libyans in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.

Libya: UN envoy urges endorsement of political agreement as way forward for ‘peace in unity’

The top United Nations official in Libya has emphasized that the political agreement reached after wide consultations among Libyan parties and facilitated by the UN for more than a year, is the basis to end the North African country’s conflict.

Warring factions in Libya show little regard for civilian life, says UN, reporting 'gross' rights abuses

Libya continues to be embroiled in political strife and deadly violence – with all parties committing possible war crimes amid multiple armed conflicts affecting several regions and contributing to a general breakdown of law and order, according to a new United Nations human rights report released today.

Top UN relief official in Libya welcomes release of aid workers held captive for months

Two Libyan humanitarian workers affiliated with aid agencies were released on 7 November after being held captive for five months, the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for the country, Ali Al-Za’tari, said today, welcoming their release.

Libya: amid political crisis, Security Council urges parties to endorse, sign deal for unity government

Concerned over Libya's ongoing political, security and institutional crises and the rising threat of terrorism, the United Nations Security Council today urged all Libyan stakeholders to endorse and sign the recent UN-facilitated political deal and to move swiftly towards forming a Government of National Accord.

Political progress in Libya ‘carries promise’ of ending impunity for atrocity crimes – ICC Prosecutor

After a “seemingly endless cycle of violence,” Libya’s incessant conflict and political division may soon come to an end, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) told the United Nations Security Council today, noting that significant progress is being made towards achieving the goal of peace and stability in the country.