UN voices concern over Libya’s treatment of potential refugees

The United Nations refugee agency today expressed concern over the forcible return of potential refugees from Libya and called on the Government to grant it access to people who might be in need of international protection and ensure minimum standards of treatment for them.

Annan to make high-level contacts with Libya over Bulgarian nurses sentenced to death

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan said today he planned to speak to Libya "at a high level" on the death sentences given to Bulgarian nurses and other foreign health workers for allegedly infecting Libyan children with HIV/AIDS.

Libya signs accord for enhanced inspections by UN nuclear watchdog agency

Less than three months after renouncing all programmes leading to the production of internationally proscribed weapons, Libya today signed an agreement granting the United Nations atomic watchdog agency enhanced access to verify that its nuclear activities are for peaceful purposes only.

Libya submits report on its chemical arms scheme, setting stage for probe - UN

Meeting its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention, Libya today submitted a complete initial declaration on those arms to the treaty's watchdog agency, a United Nations spokesman reported.

UN inspectors to supervise Libya's destruction of chemical weapons stockpile

Libya has announced it will today begin destroying more than 3,300 unfilled bombs, intended for the delivery of chemical weapons, under the supervision of outside inspectors, a United Nations spokesman reported.

UN nuclear watchdog report chief hails Libyan cooperation

The Director-General of the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), who just wrapped up a two-day trip to Libya, has hailed the country's cooperation in efforts to shed light on its former clandestine activities.

UN nuclear watchdog chief to visit Libya again to verify non-proliferation

The head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency will visit Libya at the beginning of next week to review progress in verifying that all of the North African country's nuclear activities are placed under safeguards and designed exclusively for peaceful purposes.

UN nuclear watchdog agency, US and UK agree on next steps to disarm Libya

The United Nations nuclear watchdog agency agreed today with the United States and the United Kingdom that it will verify Libya is free of weapons of mass destruction while those two countries will remove "sensitive" equipment and material.

Annan hails Libyan decision to act on treaties banning nuclear testing, chemical weapons

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today welcomed Libya's decision to take action on international treaties banning nuclear testing and chemical weapons, saying the move would boost worldwide efforts to halt the proliferation of these arms.