Libya detention centers

Third Country Nationals unload baggage from an IOM ship as the boat docks in Libya's Benghazi port. (File)
IOM/Nicole Tung

Libya: Renewed commitment to Mediterranean rescues encouraging, but ‘overriding priority’ must be ‘lasting peace’, say UN officials

The heads of the two key UN agencies championing refugees and migrants have called for an end to their “arbitrary detention” across Libya, following an agreement on Tuesday by European Union countries to offer those fleeing across the Mediterranean a safe berth through a new distribution mechanism.

UN News/Daniel Johnson

Thousands of migrants still trapped by intensifying clashes in Tripoli detention centres

Thousands of migrants remain trapped by fighting in and around Tripoli, UN agency IOM has warned, more than a month after an assault on the Libyan capital began, led by self-styled Libyan National Army commander, Khalifa Haftar.

In an interview with Daniel Johnson from UN News, Safa Msehli, from the International Organization for Migration in Libya, explains how the agency helps those held in 11 official detention facilities.