LGBTI rights

Understanding of LGBT realities ‘non-existent’ in most countries, says UN expert

Policymakers in most parts of the world are taking decisions in the dark when it comes to sexual orientation and gender identity, an independent UN human rights expert said on Wednesday. 

UN welcomes Angola’s repeal of anti-gay law, and ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation

In a move to embrace equality, Angola has decriminalized homosexuality and banned discrimination based on sexual orientation, in a sweeping review of its colonial era penal code, which had stood since independence from Portugal in 1975.

Intersex children subject to “unnecessary” medical treatment

Children, whose gender cannot be defined as male or female are often forced by their parents to undergo surgery in an attempt to “normalize” their bodies, according to a UN official.

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Estimated 1.7 per cent of new-born babies are intersex

An estimated 1.7 per cent of new-born babies across the world can be classified as intersex, which means their gender cannot simply be defined as male or female.

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