Lebanon: Security Council calls for freedom of movement of UN peacekeepers

Strongly deploring recent incidents directed at United Nations blue helmets in Lebanon, the Security Council today called for ensuring the safety and freedom of movement of the peacekeepers serving there.

UN urges Lebanese to engage in dialogue to resolve tensions with peacekeepers

The head of the United Nations force in southern Lebanon has called on the local population to engage in dialogue with his peacekeepers to resolve any issues concerning recent military activities carried in the area, which have led to a number of confrontations.

UN mission chairs talks with Lebanese, Israeli military officials

The head of the United Nations peacekeeping operation in Lebanon today chaired a tripartite meeting bringing together senior officials from the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

Freedom of movement for peacekeepers in Lebanon must be ensured –UN

The freedom of movement of United Nations peacekeepers serving in south Lebanon must be fully respected, the world body’s top official in the country said today, voicing concern at recent incidents involving protests directed at blue helmets.

Gaza flotilla raid the focus of talks between UN and Lebanese official

The deadly Israeli military interception of an aid convoy bound for the Gaza Strip topped talks today between the top United Nations envoy to Lebanon and the country’s defence minister.

UN blue helmets investigating explosion in southern Lebanon

The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) is looking into yesterday’s accidental explosion which resulted in the injuries of several peacekeepers.

UN envoy to Lebanon meets Arab League and Egyptian officials on regional peace

The top United Nations envoy to Lebanon today had a meeting with the chief executive of the Arab League during which the two officials discussed the Middle East peace process, including the League’s support of the recent start of proximity talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

Unresolved issues adding to tensions in Lebanon and wider region – UN envoy

Recent tensions in Lebanon and the region highlight the need to tackle unresolved issues related to the country’s sovereignty and stability, such as the presence of armed militias, a senior United Nations envoy said today.

Presence of armed militias threaten recent progress in Lebanon, says UN report

Despite major strides in strengthening Lebanon’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, the presence of armed militias continues to pose a threat to the country and the region, warns a new United Nations report.

UN envoy voices hope for calm and safe Lebanese municipal elections

The top United Nations envoy to Lebanon today stressed the need to ensure a calm and safe atmosphere ahead of the country’s municipal elections, which are slated to be held next month.