Least Developed

New approach needed to end extreme poverty in poorest nations – UN official

The number of people living in extreme poverty in the world’s least developed countries (LDCs) has been on the rise despite higher national incomes in some of those States, a senior United Nations official said today, calling for a review of the current development approaches.

UN report urges changes in support structures for poor countries

Current international support measures for the least developed countries (LDCs) have failed to accelerate their growth and development and significant changes are needed to ensure better support structures for the poorer States, according to a United Nations report unveiled today.

Measures to improve economies of poorest nations focus of UN-led forum

Participants at a United Nations-led meeting that opened in Geneva today are examining ways to improve the economies of the world’s poorest nations, and to help them promote job creation and reduce poverty.

UN-tasked eminent persons stress commitment to poor States’ development

A member of the Group of Eminent Persons appointed by Secretary-General Ban K-moon to look into development problems facing the world’s poorest countries today stressed that both developed and developing countries must fulfil their commitments to poverty reduction strategies for the efforts to bear fruit.

UN chief appoints eminent persons to boost support for world’s poorest nations

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today appointed a Group of Eminent Persons to advise on the support needed to help the world’s poorest nations achieve their development targets, ahead of a major international conference on the least developed countries (LDCs) slated for next year.

International support for world’s poorest nations must not waver – UN official

The progress made over the past decade in lifting the world’s most vulnerable nations out of poverty has been undermined since the global recession began, according to a senior United Nations official, who urged rich countries not to renege on their commitments to support the poorest of the poor.

Senior UN officials urge greater efforts to help least developed countries

Senior United Nations officials today called for greater efforts to help the world’s poorest countries meet their development targets, as a three-day meeting kicked off in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to examine a decade of assistance to this group of nations.