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Agriculture key to transform world’s Least Developed Countries

Agriculture is the “backbone” that will lift the world’s Least Developed Countries (LDCs) out of that category, according to a senior official from a UN agency that is working to eradicate rural poverty.

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“Graduation is not everything” for Least Developed Countries

“Graduation is not everything” when it comes to the Least Developed Countries, or LDCs, lifting themselves out of the group.

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Local journalists crucial for building buzz around LDC development

More than 20 journalists from some of the world’s most vulnerable nations are covering a United Nations conference on the world’s Least Developed Countries (LDCs) which wraps up in Antalya, Turkey, on Sunday.

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LDCs: UN calls for greater support to least developed countries, adopts new declaration in Turkey

A major United Nations meeting focusing on the world's least developed countries (LDCs) has closed today in Antalya, Turkey, with a call for greater support to the world's most vulnerable nations, and the adoption of an outcome document paving the way for further concrete action and progress in the years to come.

Tax evasion by foreign firms costing poor African nations "billions"

Some of the poorest countries in Africa are losing "tens of billions of dollars" each year because foreign businesses operating in their territories are not fully paying their taxes, according to a prominent American economist and university professor.

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African least developed countries to benefit from Turkey discussions

An African free trade zone and the establishment of an electronic university for the continent are on the agenda at a United Nations conference of the world’s Least Developed Countries or LDCs, underway in Turkey.

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Least developed countries must go at “higher speed”

The Least Developed Countries, or LDCs, must go at a “higher speed” than the rest of the world, and “all too few” of them have managed to graduate from the group so far.

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Unlocking potential of least developed countries must be litmus test of Global Goals – Ban

The world’s poorest nations not only face vast challenges, they represent enormous reservoirs of untapped potential, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated today, adding that unlocking this potential will be the litmus test of the new global sustainable developed agenda.

Nepalese diplomat named UN envoy for least developed countries and small island states

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today announced the appointment of the Ambassador of Nepal to the United Nations as his top aide dealing with some of the world’s most vulnerable countries.