Labour experts focus on boosting small businesses

Labour experts from around the world are spending the next two weeks focusing on how to boost the success of small and medium-sized enterprises or SMEs.

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Employment changes most profound in modern economic history

Changes in the way people are employed are the most profound ever seen in  modern economic history according to a new report by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

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Mothers and children need more – not less – social protection, says UN labour agency

Calling for greater “social protection” for women as the United Nations draws up a new development agenda, the International Labour Organization (ILO) has cited alarming statics, including that some 800 women die in child birth every day, only 28 per cent of employed women receive cash benefits during their maternity leave, and that child poverty is rising in 18 of 28 countries in the European Union.

On World Day, UN labour agency urges culture of prevention on occupational safety and health

Member States must work harder to consolidate safety and health prevention measures in the workplace, the head of the United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) declared today as he urged the global community to do its utmost in reducing the number of occupational deaths, injuries and diseases around the world.

New UN report finds bulk of world’s rural populations excluded from healthcare access

The majority of the world’s rural populations continue to live and work without essential healthcare services, in stark contrast to their urban-dwelling counterparts, according to a new report released today by the United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO).

On Social Justice Day, UN spotlights human trafficking, modern slavery

The United Nations Secretary-General said today that the World Day for Social Justice comes at a pivotal moment for people and the planet, adding that this year's commemoration focuses on the scourge of human trafficking and the plight of approximately 21 million women, men and children in various forms of modern slavery.

Wage growth stagnant in developed countries, slow worldwide – UN labour agency

A modest and slowing growth in global wages was driven almost entirely by emerging G20 economies, according to the latest International Labour Organization’s (ILO) global wage report, which was released today.

UN labour agency partners with retailer H&M on social sustainability

The United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) today announced a unique partnership with retail giant H&M to promote sustainable global supply chains in the garment industry.

Marking World Day, UN stresses role of social protection in ending child labour

United Nations officials today marked the World Day Against Child Labour by highlighting the crucial role of social protection in keeping boys and girls out of a heinous practice that robs them of their childhood and threatens their prospects for a better future.

UN agency adopts treaty advancing global efforts to tackle forced labour

The United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) today adopted a new legally binding protocol on forced labour, aiming to advance prevention, protection and compensation measures, as well as to intensify efforts to eliminate contemporary forms of slavery.