Nobel laureate in economics says world leaders should back UN's labour goals

Nobel economics laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz today urged world political and economic leaders to back the United Nations International Labour Organization's (ILO) goals of decent work, full employment and better working conditions for all people.

Estonia becomes 100th State to ratify treaty banning child labour, UN reports

The International Labour Organization (ILO) announced today that Estonia had become the 100th member state to ratify the Convention on the Worst Forms of Child Labour - an international treaty banning the most abusive, exploitative forms of work for children.

International Labour Conference ends session that focused on decent work deficit

In an effort to forge a new path from "vision to policy" in the world of work, the United Nations International Labour Conference today concluded its session in Geneva following a spirited debate by workers, employers and governments on how to address the lack of decent jobs worldwide.

Head of UN labour agency urges efforts to tackle global lack of decent jobs

Calling the global shortage of adequate employment opportunities "the fault line in the world today," the top United Nations labour official has stressed that tackling this problem is central to eradicating poverty.