Kosovo: UN envoy condemns latest round of bomb attacks on parked cars

A senior United Nations official in Kosovo has denounced two bomb attacks over the weekend that damaged vehicles parked in towns in the province’s southeast, a day after an earlier blast struck the car of the Minister of Internal Affairs.

UN envoy to Kosovo condemns blast that damaged minister’s car

The senior United Nations envoy to Kosovo strongly condemned an explosive attack today which damaged the car of the Minister of Internal Affairs but resulted in no injuries, saying the violence ran counter to the will of the province’s people, who are seeking peaceful change.

In Kosovo, senior UN official speaks out against violence

Visiting a local community in Kosovo today, a senior United Nations official spoke out against violence in the province, which the world body has administered since western forces drove out Yugoslav troops in 1999.

Integration is the answer for Kosovo’s Serbs, UN envoy tells Security Council

The senior United Nations envoy in Kosovo today told the Security Council that integration, not isolation, is the answer for the minority Serb population, as the 15-member body met to discuss Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s latest report on the future status of the UN-run province.

Annan calls for ‘more flexibility’ from both sides in talks over Kosovo

Expressing disappointment over the lack of common ground during the past few months of talks over the future of the United Nations-run province of Kosovo, Secretary-General Kofi Annan has called for “more flexibility” from both the Serbian and Kosovo delegations, saying they need to show a spirit of compromise.

Kosovo: UN envoy welcomes treatment for former residents of lead-polluted camps

The senior United Nations envoy in Kosovo has welcomed the start of medical treatment to help internally displaced persons (IDPs) suffering from lead toxicity as a result of living in camps in the northern part of the disputed province.

In step forward, Kosovo Government takes over minority transportation from UN

In a step forward towards fulfilling international goals for Kosovo, which the United Nations has administered since 1999, the world body has turned over responsibility for transportation services for minorities to the local Government.

Kosovo: UN official condemns grenade attack in Mitrovica

A senior United Nations official in Kosovo has strongly condemned Saturday night's grenade attack in North Mitrovica, where nine civilians were injured when an explosive device was thrown at a local café bar.

New head of UN Kosovo mission optimistic about a status settlement

In his first public comments since being named Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Special Representative in Kosovo yesterday, the new envoy said he expects to be the last person to hold that position because he believes a resolution of the province’s final political status can soon be reached.

German official serving with UN Kosovo mission promoted to top post

The Secretary-General has informed the Security Council of his plans to appoint Ambassador Joachim Rücker from Germany as his Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), effective 1 September.