Kosovo parties find common ground in first round of status talks, says UN envoy

The first round of direct negotiations between delegations from Albanian-majority Kosovo and Serbia on the future status of the Serbian province found common ground on the issue of decentralization of services, according to the United Nations envoy who chaired the talks, which ended today.

UN envoy tells Security Council that Kosovo operation now in ‘critical phase’

Speaking to the Security Council today, the senior United Nations envoy to Kosovo said the next few months offered great opportunities for the province’s leaders and its people to work together to decide their future, saying also that the UN mission was now in its most critical phase.

Kosovo: UN envoy hails election of new president

The senior United Nations envoy to Kosovo today welcomed the election by the province’s Assembly of Fatmir Sejdiu to serve as president, succeeding Ibrahim Rugova, who passed away last month.

UN urges displaced people in Kosovo to leave polluted camps immediately

United Nations agencies in Kosovo renewed emergency calls today for internally displaced persons (IDPs) to leave lead polluted camps in the northern part of the province and move their families to the safer UN-run camp of Osterode.

UN envoy to Kosovo hails nomination of candidate for Kosovo President

The senior United Nations envoy to Kosovo today welcomed the nomination of Fatmir Sejdiu as candidate for the presidency of Kosovo to replace Ibrahim Rugova, who died of lung cancer last month.