Security Council deplores Kosovo Assembly's action on border pact

Reaffirming its earlier statements and decisions, the United Nations Security Council today said that the Kosovo Assembly had overstepped its authority when it passed a recent measure dealing with a border pact.

Security Council backs UN envoy veto of Kosovo Assembly's measure on border pact

In a move that drew the backing of the United Nations Security Council, the head of the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) today vetoed a resolution adopted by the province's Assembly on the grounds that the legislative body had exceeded its powers by passing a measure on a border accord.

Security Council calls on Kosovo leaders to work 'constructively' with UN mission

Security Council members today called on Kosovo’s elected leaders to work “constructively and in full cooperation” with the United Nations Interim Administration Mission (UNMIK) for the full implementation of resolution 1244, which calls for the development of provisional institutions of self-government.

Kosovo: UN outlines principles for return of displaced persons, refugees

Setting forth the basic principles for displaced persons and refugees to go back to Kosovo, the head of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in the province (UNMIK) today made public a conceptual outline on the right of sustainable returns.

Kosovo Serbs must take up their rightful places in government, Security Council told

Briefing the Security Council on the latest developments in Kosovo, particularly the functioning of self-government institutions, a top United Nations peacekeeping official stressed today that it was essential for Kosovo Serb representatives to quickly take up their rightful places in the government.

Kosovo: One year after signing key self-government act, UN cites 'great success'

The top UN official in Kosovo today marked the one-year anniversary of the Constitutional Framework for Provisional Self-government in the province by calling the document "a great success."

Kosovo: UN to host Balkan forum on ways to fight cigarette smuggling

Finance and customs officials from the Balkan countries are set to gather in Kosovo later this week for a United Nations-hosted meeting on ways to combat cigarette smuggling, which has contributed to a significant loss in revenue for several governments in the region and a consequent drop in funds available for public services.

Kosovo: UN mission sets up emergency fund for victims of last week's earthquake

Following last week's earthquake in the Gnjilane area, the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) has started a €500,000 (euros) fund to help victims get back on their feet.