Kosovo Albanian parties reach accord on new government; UN welcomes move

The United Nations Security Council and Secretary-General Kofi Annan today welcomed an agreement reached early this morning in Kosovo on the province’s President and Government, breaking the deadlock that had prevented the formation of new governing institutions since last November’s general elections.

UN police arrest two Kosovo murder suspects

In a raid on three apartments in Northern Mitrovica, special teams of the United Nations police detained two Kosovo Serbs suspected in the grenade-attack murder of a Kosovo Albanian in February 2000.

Kosovo: UN envoy, European official discuss upcoming municipal elections

The United Nations top envoy for Kosovo, Michael Steiner, today met with a senior European official to discuss the province’s second round of municipal elections later this year, to be organized again by the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

UN envoy urges Kosovars to work together towards ‘fair society for all’

Vowing to lobby international support for Kosovo, the new head of the United Nations mission today urged the people of the province to do their part by working with their neighbours, as well as the rest of Europe, for political and economic advancement and “a fair society for all.”

Kosovo: new UN envoy to focus on improving governance, reviving economy

Michael Steiner, the new head of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), said in Pristina today that he was starting out in a “listening mode” to get feedback from all key players, but stressed that good governance, the rule of law and revitalizing the province’s economy would be priority areas for his administration.

Kosovo: Michael Steiner takes over as new head of UN mission

The new United Nations envoy to Kosovo, Michael Steiner, arrived in Pristina today, saying that as head of the UN mission he would focus on three priorities: the rule of law and government building, the economy and jobs, and security in and around the province.

Security Council urges Kosovo assembly to resolve impasse over presidential election

Noting progress in implementing its 1999 resolution on Kosovo, the United Nations Security Council today called on the province’s elected representatives to resolve the current deadlock over the election of a president for the provisional self-governing institutions.

Kosovo: UN and Yugoslavia sign key accords on identifying missing persons

The United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia today signed three key protocols aimed at improving procedures for identification of missing persons.

Gradual transfer of power to Kosovo authorities key goal, new UN mission chief says

The coming era in Kosovo could be characterized as one of a "step by step" transfer of authority from the United Nations to the elected interim government, the new head of the UN Interim Administration Mission (UNMIK) said today.

Kosovo: UN efforts to maintain law and order get strong backing

Saying that they will not tolerate a “culture of impunity,” representatives of a large group of countries in Kosovo today voiced their full support for the efforts by the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in the province (UNMIK) and the international security force (KFOR) in maintaining law and order.