Ethnic Albanians returning from Kosovo to FYR of Macedonia: UNHCR

The number of ethnic Albanians returning from Kosovo to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has risen sharply over the past few days as more and more people decide to return to the now open Aracinovo village outside of Skopje, the United Nations refugee agency said today.

Briefing Security Council, UN official welcomes Kosovo Serb moves on elections

Briefing the Security Council today on efforts to engage Kosovo Serbs in the forthcoming province-wide elections, a senior United Nations official welcomed the decision by four Kosovo Serb parties to submit certification applications for the ballot.

UN mission in Kosovo signs agreement on DNA testing for missing persons

The top United Nations official in Kosovo today signed a memorandum of understanding with the International Committee for the Missing Persons (ICMP) which will pave the way for DNA testing to match relatives of the missing with unidentified remains.

In Kosovo, President Bush backs UN efforts to pave way for self-government

Visiting Kosovo today, United States President George W. Bush endorsed the efforts of the United Nations mission in the province to prepare Kosovars for taking on greater responsibility in "running their own affairs."

No new mass graves found in Kosovo, UN mission says

Reacting to reports in the Belgrade media, the United Nations mission in Kosovo said today that there were no new mass graves in Suva Reka or anywhere else in the province.

UN official in Kosovo urges approval of draft on inter-ethnic property sales

A top United Nations official in Kosovo today stressed the need to adopt a draft regulation seeking to limit the flow of minorities from mixed neighbourhoods as well as the forced sale of minority properties.

UN mission in Kosovo helps Serbian convoy to deliver aid

Despite a lack of timely notification, the United Nations mission in Kosovo and the Kosovo international force have helped a large Serbian convoy to deliver humanitarian aid to various Serbian enclaves, a UN official in Pristina reported today.