UN official welcomes Kosovar Albanians freed from Serbian jails

After nearly two years serving time in Serbian jails, over 100 Kosovar Albanians arrived in Kosovo today, where they were welcomed by the top United Nations official in the area, who called for the return of all others still in detention.

Top UN official in Kosovo deplores killing of municipality president

The top United Nations official in Kosovo today expressed shock at learning of the murder of Ismet Raci, President of the Klina Municipality and a member of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK).

Kosovars urged to cooperate with UN in stemming violence

The new commander of the international security force in Kosovo (KFOR) today urged Kosovars to help KFOR and the United Nations isolate extremists pursuing political ends through violence.

UN mission in Kosovo disappointed by media attacks on legal framework panel

The United Nations mission in Kosovo today expressed disappointment at attacks in the press on members of the committee defining structures of provisional self-government.

Kosovo: Security Council members condemn bomb attack in Pristina

Security Council members today condemned the "cowardly terrorist attack" carried out in Pristina yesterday, and insisted that the perpetrators be "brought quickly to justice."

UN Kosovo mission condemns car bomb attack in Pristina

A car bomb explosion in the centre of Pristina today killed one person and injured four others, the United Nations mission in Kosovo reported.

Referendum lacks international support, says top UN official in Kosovo

The head of the United Nations mission in Kosovo, Hans Haekkerup, today told the Kosovo Transitional Council (KTC) that the idea of referendum did not have the support of the international community and went beyond the provisional period of self-government.

Kosovo: Serbs stage protests at UN tax collection centres

Responding to a series of demonstrations held by Kosovo Serbs to protest the setting up of tax collection centres in northern Kosovo, the United Nations mission in the province said today that the establishment of these points was "nothing new" and that all Kosovars would gain from the collected revenues.

Security Council members condemn killing of Russian soldier in Kosovo

Members of the Security Council today deplored the recent killing of a Russian soldier serving in Kosovo and called for action to bring those responsible to justice.

Kosovo: Serb representative rejoins panel on legal framework for self-government

A Kosovo Serb representative has rejoined the committee finalizing the legal framework for the province's provisional self-government, the United Nations mission in Kosovo reported today.