UN transfers mortal remains to Kosovan families for re-burial

The United Nations office responsible for missing persons and forensics in Kosovo said today it was informing Kosovan families about the recent transfer of mortal remains from Serbia.

UN envoy warns Security Council that Kosovo still faces serious problems

The top United Nations envoy for Kosovo warned the Security Council today that the province was still plagued by problems as it recovers from the war in 1999.

UN police charge five Kosovo Albanian men with war crimes

United Nations police arrested five Kosovo Albanian men Monday on charges they had committed war crimes during the 1999 conflict in the region, the UN mission in the province said today.

Pristina and Belgrade should work together to help Kosovans, Annan says

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today called upon both sides in the newly established contacts between Pristina and Belgrade to work together to improve the daily lives of the residents of Kosovo.

Security Council backs direct talks in Vienna on Kosovo

The United Nations Security Council today welcomed the opening of talks between the Government of Serbia and Montenegro and the Kosovo Provisional Institutions of Self-Government (PISG) and called upon both parties to work on technical level problems.

Kosovo provisional President to represent Pristina in UN-backed Vienna talks

Since it has proved “impossible” to include leaders of the Kosovo government in tomorrow’s Belgrade-Pristina talks on the future of the province, the Pristina delegation would be led by President Ibrahim Rugova of the Kosovo Provisional Institutions of Self-Government (PISG), according to the head of the United Nations mission in Kosovo.

Kosovo: UN envoy applauds Pristina's decision to attend Vienna talks

The head of the United Nations mission in Kosovo today welcomed the decision by Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova to attend talks next week in Vienna with officials from Serbia and Montenegro.

UN envoy says Vienna talks on Kosovo are door to success

The head of the United Nations mission in Kosovo today urged representatives of the Pristina provisional institutions of self-government to attend planned talks with Belgrade officials next week in Vienna.

Kosovo: UN envoy welcomes upcoming Pristina-Belgrade talks in Vienna

The head of the United Nations mission in Kosovo has labelled the next week’s talks between leaders of Belgrade and Pristina governments as the only way to solve outstanding problems.

Kosovo: UN mission chief invites leaders from Pristina, Belgrade for direct talks

The head of the United Nations mission in Kosovo today sent out formal invitations to the leaders of Kosovo and Serbia and Montenegro to participate in direct talks next week in Vienna.