UN envoy urges Security Council to act quickly on Kosovo status

The senior United Nations envoy to Kosovo today urged the Security Council to quickly draw up a roadmap for determining the status of the province, which the world body has administered since NATO troops drove out Yugoslav forces amid inter-ethnic fighting in 1999.

Kosovo’s progress could falter unless future status finalized, says Ban Ki-moon

Kosovo’s overall progress towards building a functioning economy and establishing democratic institutions of self-government has been encouraging, but those advances could soon unravel unless the Serbian province’s future status is determined, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says.

UN outlaws use of rubber bullets in Kosovo and consults on possible wider ban

The United Nations Police chief in Kosovo has banned the use of rubber bullets by any police unit in the UN-run province, he said today, adding that Member States who contribute officers are also being consulted about outlawing their use in all other peacekeeping operations.

Probe of killing of Kosovo protesters leads to call for UN review of rubber bullets

The United Nations should review whether rubber bullets should ever be used again for crowd control use on a UN peacekeeping mission, an official tasked with probing the killing by UN police of two pro-independence demonstrators in Kosovo said today.