UN refugee official sentenced to three years' jail for underage sex

A court in United Nations-administered Kosovo, presided over by an international judge but also involving two judges from the province, has sentenced a UN refugee agency official to three years in prison on one count of sexual abuse of persons under the age of sixteen and one count of falsifying official documents.

Council endorses start of status talks on Kosovo, top UN envoy calls this 'historic'

The Security Council today endorsed the start of talks on the future status of ethnically-divided Kosovo, with the United Nations administrator of the Serbian province, which the world body has run for the past six years, calling it a very historic day.

Kosovo: Annan recommends starting future status talks now

Although democratic progress in Kosovo has been uneven, talks should begin now on the future status of the UN-administered province of Serbia and Montenegro, Secretary-General Kofi Annan told the Security Council in a letter released today.

Kosovo: UN war crimes court stays its decision to allow ex-premier to return to politics

The United Nations court for former Yugoslavia has stayed its decision to allow former Kosovo Prime Minister and war crimes suspect Ramush Haradinaj to engage in politics and travel throughout Kosovo during his provisional release following an appeal from chief prosecutor Carla Del Ponte.

UN Kosovo Envoy urges Serbian leadership to continue dialogue with Pristina

Following Secretary-General Kofi Annan's announcement that final status talks on Kosovo should begin, the senior United Nations envoy to the province met with Serbian leaders to stress that dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade would be crucial as the political process enters its next phase.

Talks on Kosovo’s final status should begin now – Annan

Secretary-General Kofi Annan said today talks should now begin on the final status of ethnically-divided Kosovo, which the United Nations has run ever since the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) drove out Yugoslav troops amid grave human rights abuses in fighting between the province’s Albanians and Serbs in 1999.

Kosovo: Annan receives comprehensive review report ahead of final status talks

Secretary-General Kofi Annan today received a report on Kosovo that could influence the timing of talks on the final status of the ethnically-divided province, which the United Nations has run since the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) drove out Yugoslav troops amid grave human rights abuses in fighting between Albanians and Serbs in 1999.

Top UN official in Kosovo condemns attempt on police commander's life

The top United Nations official in Kosovo this evening condemned the attempted assassination of the police commander for the Gjilan/Gnjilane region of the province, according to a statement released by the UN mission there.

Kosovo: with president ill, UN calls for progress towards multi-ethnic society

The United Nations administrator for Kosovo has called on all citizens of the ethnically divided province to continue their efforts towards building a peaceful, stable, and multi-ethnic society following the announcement that President Ibrahim Rugova has lung cancer.

Kosovo: UN envoy sees much progress since March 2004 riots

The situation in United Nations-administered Kosovo has greatly improved since the riots of March 2004, but there are new threats from organized crime and corruption and the next few months may be difficult as the ethnically divided province moves towards a decision on its final status, the top UN envoy said today.