Kosovo situation calming down after extra troops deployed, says UN mission

The deployment of extra international troops has helped to calm the situation in Kosovo after the recent deadly violence, but there are still reports of looting and unrest, the United Nations mission to the province reported today.

As violence continues in Kosovo, top UN envoy issues new appeal for calm

The top United Nations envoy in Kosovo issued a new appeal today for an immediate halt to violence that has already killed 22 people and injured 500 more in the worst unrest to hit the ethnically divided province since the world body took over its administration nearly five years ago.

Condemning violence in Kosovo, Security Council demands return to rule of law

Denouncing "the large-scale inter-ethnic violence" that has led to the deaths of at least 31 people in Kosovo since yesterday, the United Nations Security Council today called for the province's authorities to ensure that the rule of law is maintained, all ethnic communities feel properly secure and the perpetrators of crimes are brought to justice.

Annan calls for immediate halt to deadly Albanian-Serb violence in Kosovo

Secretary-General Kofi Annan today called for an immediate halt to the violence between ethnic Albanians and Serbs in United Nations-administered Kosovo, which has reportedly left at least seven people dead and hundreds injured amid repeated bursts of automatic gunfire and explosions.

Kosovo elections set for 23 October, UN envoy announces

Kosovo's next elections will be held on 23 October, the United Nations envoy to the province announced today.

In Kosovo, senior UN peacekeeping official urges reconciliation

Visiting Kosovo today, the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping urged all concerned to promote reconciliation in the province.

UN envoy to Kosovo condemns grenade attack on president's home

The senior United Nations envoy to Kosovo has condemned the hand grenade attack early today on the Pristina home of Kosovo's President Ibrahim Rugova.

Kosovo police disable homemade bomb outside UN headquarters compound

Kosovo Police Service officers today discovered and helped to disable an improvised explosive device outside the headquarters compound of the UN mission in the province.

UN envoy condemns attack on Kosovo's Environment Minister

The senior United Nations envoy to Kosovo today deplored a blast which wounded the province's environment minister and several others.

Kosovo protection corps members arrested, UN envoy reports

The senior United Nations envoy in Kosovo today informed top leaders in the province that a number of protection force members have been arrested in connection with serious crimes, including murder of Kosovo Albanians.