UN hands over more power to Kosovo government

The top United Nations envoy for Kosovo has decided to hand over more power to the province’s government with the creation of new ministries dealing with energy, local self-government, and returns and communities, the UN mission there said today.

UN official says Kosovo's police key to preserving democracy and human rights

A senior United Nations official today told the latest graduating class of Kosovo's multiethnic police force that they were responsible for advancing the goals of peace and democracy.

Outgoing Deputy UN Kosovo chief says recent gains need global support to hold

On the eve of his retirement after three years of serving as the deputy head of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), Charles Brayshaw says nascent democratic institutions in the province will need continued international support to flourish.

Improving ethnic relations in Kosovo must be post-election priority - UN envoy

On the heels of this weekend's assembly elections in Kosovo, the senior United Nations envoy there called for the swift formation of a new government once the polling results are finalized.

Annan and UN envoy hail success of weekend elections for Kosovo Assembly

Secretary-General Kofi Annan and his senior envoy to Kosovo have hailed elections for the province's assembly, saying the high and peaceful voter turnout Saturday showed the public wanted to participate despite pressure from some quarters to stay home.

Annan urges all communities in Kosovo to vote in Saturday’s elections

With the people of Kosovo heading to the polls this weekend for legislative elections, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan called on all communities in the province to exercise their right to vote.

UN envoy expresses dismay at attempts to dissuade Kosovo Serbs from voting

Voicing deep concern at attempts to dissuade Kosovo’s ethnic Serb population from participating in this Saturday’s elections, the senior United Nations envoy there today urged all Serbs to vote so they can play their part in rebuilding the troubled province.

UN envoy to Kosovo finds mixed progress on returns of Serbs

Visiting areas where Serbs have returned to Kosovo, the senior United Nations envoy to the troubled province today observed minority populations facing an uphill climb on the road to integration.

UN envoy welcomes call for Kosovo Serbs to participate in Assembly elections

Welcoming the Serbian President's call to ethnic Serbs to take part in elections later this month to the Kosovo Assembly, the senior United Nations envoy to the province said such participation will allow the minority community to have its voice heard.

UN and partners agree to focus on Kosovo's economy, security and Belgrade ties

Seeking to bring stability to Kosovo, officials from Europe, the United Nations and NATO meeting at the UN have agreed on the need to focus on the troubled province's economy, security, relations with Belgrade and Serb participation in the reform process, Secretary-General Kofi Annan said today.