Process to decide Kosovo's final status could begin this year, Security Council told

There are good chances that the process leading to talks on the final status of Kosovo could begin in the second half of this year but also risks that tensions could rise in tandem, the top United Nations envoy administering the ethnically divided province said today.

Despite progress, none of needed goals in Kosovo has been fulfilled – UN report

While noteworthy concrete steps have been taken in some areas in Kosovo, none of eight necessary standards have yet been fulfilled in moving the United-Nations-administered province forward towards final status talks, including building trust between majority ethnic Albanians and minority Serbs, according to the latest UN report.

UN envoy urges visiting Serbian President to show Kosovo that Belgrade will foster trust

The senior United Nations envoy for Kosovo today urged the visiting Serbian President to send positive signals on Belgrade's readiness to build bridges of trust.

Foes of multi-ethnic democracy still threaten Kosovo’s progress – UN envoy

The closer ethnically-divided Kosovo moves towards final status talks, the greater the risks of provocation by those who do not want to see a multi-ethnic democracy established in the war-torn province that the United Nations has administered for the past five years, the top UN envoy said today.

UN transfers prison authority to local government in Kosovo

The United Nations today handed over complete management of detention centres in Kosovo to local officials as it continues to prepare for final status talks on the ethnically divided province, which it has run since the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) drove out Yugoslav troops amid fighting in 1999.