UN envoy unveils Kosovo budget for next year

The senior United Nations envoy to Kosovo today released details of the province's budget for 2004, revealing there will be a small deficit but revenue will be higher than expected as the UN mission there tries to rebuild the area torn by fighting in the late 1990s.

Kosovo: UN official says progress towards standards could be reviewed in 2005

The United Nations peacekeeping chief today raised the prospect that Kosovo's progress towards reaching the standards of a normal society - necessary before its future status can be determined - could be reviewed by mid-2005.

UN envoy urges Kosovo to aim for standards of 'normal society'

The senior United Nations envoy to Kosovo today urged the province to reach progress towards recently elaborated standards in order to pave the way for decisions on its future status.

Security Council backs set of written standards for Kosovo

The Security Council today issued its support for a set of written standards launched this week to prepare United Nations-administered Kosovo for final status, including free, fair and regular elections, free media and a sound and impartial legal system.

Kosovo: UN launches set of standards in preparation for final status

Senior United Nations and local officials today launched a set of standards designed to prepare UN-administered Kosovo for final status, including free, fair and regular elections, free media and a sound and impartial legal system.

UN envoy in Kosovo signs regional statement against human trafficking

A senior United Nations envoy in Kosovo joined the countries of South-Eastern Europe today in signing an agreement affirming their commitment to protect the rights and dignity of the victims and witnesses of human and child trafficking during a ministerial meeting in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia.

UN mission 'strongly condemns' attack on World Bank delegation in Kosovo

The United Nations mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) today strongly condemned the violent attack on the World Bank Board of Governors over the weekend in Mitrovica, a town that has been a flashpoint of tension between ethnic Albanians and Serbs over the past two years.

UN bus damaged during disturbance in Kosovo

One person suffered minor injuries and a number of vehicles were damaged today when a public disturbance flared up in Kosovo, the UN Mission in the province reported.

UN envoy to Kosovo orders suspension of 12 KPC officers pending inquiry

The head of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) has ordered that 12 Kosovo Protection Corps officers be suspended, with pay, for six months while a police investigation takes place into their role in the demolition of a railway bridge in the northern Kosovo town of Loziste in April.

Kosovo: At funeral of slain officer, UN envoy urges unity

Paying tribute to a police officer slain in Kosovo, the senior United Nations envoy there today called on the province's people to choose peace over violence.