Africa Year in Review 2015

Spread of Ebola in West Africa remains a concern for UN

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“Time for compromise” on climate deal, says negotiator

“It’s time for compromise”: the words of the minister heading Kenya’s delegation at the COP21 climate change talks, as negotiations continue into the weekend.

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People with albinism "fear attack from relatives"

A surge in attacks has been reported against people with albinism in several African countries in the run-up to national elections, a UN human rights expert has warned.

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$500 million needed to help returning Somali refugees

Efforts to help the people of Somalia rebuild their country need to be stepped up with the international community’s help, the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, said Friday.

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African countries using nuclear power for energy

African countries are increasingly turning towards nuclear power to meet their growing energy needs and pull them out of the “dark”.

That’s according to the head of Kenya’s Nuclear Electricity Board, one of many African countries where nuclear power is being considered.

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Older women in Kenya struggling to make ends meet

Older women in Kenya who are struggling to make ends meet and to care for themselves must be better supported by their government.

That’s according to Esther Wamera, a Kenyan activist and leader for the elderly.

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Digital platform to connect one million women entrepreneurs

A mobile application which aims to link one million women entrepreneurs to international markets is being launched by a tech team from Kenya.

The app will serve as a marketplace for products and services provided by women across the world.

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UNAIDS and Kenya launch joint effort to end AIDS epidemic by 2030

An innovative new tool to track progress and identify gaps in HIV programming in Kenya has been unveiled in the capital, Nairobi.

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A call for more youth participation in global dialogue

Young people should ensure their voices are included in global discussions on development issues.

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The “one shoe fits all” approach is leaving indigenous peoples behind

The “one shoe fits all” approach to health and well-being means that indigenous peoples have poorer access to appropriate health care than other groups in their respective countries.

That’s according to Dr Pricilla Migiro, a paediatrician from the Masaai ethnic group in Kenya.

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