Kenya: UN steps up airlift to more than 100,000 flood victims

The United Nations refugee agency is stepping up its airlift of emergency supplies for more than 100,000 Somalis made homeless by massive flooding in Kenya’s Dadaab region, where they had sought shelter from drought and conflict in their own country.

Crocodiles, snakes, pollution add to flood victims’ troubles in Kenya and Somalia – UN

Attacks by crocodiles and snakes, disease from over-flowing latrines, and hunger are just some of the problems plaguing hundreds of thousands of flood victims in parts of Kenya and Somalia after the heaviest rains there in years, according to the latest United Nations update.

UN food planes, helicopters bring relief to flood victims in Somalia and Kenya

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today launched a regional air operation with fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters to transport humanitarian workers and aid to more than 1 million people in Somalia and Kenya hit by the worst floods in years.

UN to airlift critical supplies to thousands of Somali refugees marooned in Kenya by floods

The United Nations refugee agency will begin airlifting critical emergency supplies over the weekend for scores of thousands of Somalis made homeless by massive flooding in Kenya’s Dadaab region after heavy rains swept across the low-lying camps, wrecking homes and uprooting more than 78,000 people.

Kenya: floods cause major setback to UN efforts to aid thousands of Somali refugees

Heavy flooding has engulfed camps in eastern Kenya where tens of thousands of Somalis have sought refuge from fighting in their own homeland, uprooting more than 78,000 people and killing two, the United Nations refugee agency said today.

Annan calls on Africans to prevent local conflicts from becoming regional crises

Arriving in Nairobi, Kenya, today to attend the closing stages of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Secretary-General Kofi Annan today called on African leaders to act in their own backyards to prevent conflicts in one country from becoming a crisis for the whole region.

Kenya: UN official deplores deadly slum violence, calls for calm

Voicing deep concern at the continuing escalation of violence and rising death toll in the Mathare slums in Nairobi, Kenya, a senior United Nations official today called for calm and urged all involved to work together to find a peaceful and lasting solution.