Violence at work rising worldwide; epidemic levels in some countries: UN labour agency

Violence at work, ranging from bullying and mobbing, to threats by psychologically unstable co-workers, sexual harassment and homicide, is increasing worldwide and has reached epidemic levels in some countries, according to a new publication by the United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO).

Unpredictable working hours endanger ‘work-life’ balance, UN labour agency says

Working hours across the industrialized world are becoming increasingly unpredictable due to a growing 24-hour-a-day 7-day-a-week economy, creating worker-employer tensions and requiring new policies to counter the risk this poses to the “work-life” balance, according to a new study launched today by the United Nations labour agency.

Global labour market presents uncertain future for many, new UN study shows

The current global labour market is marked by a widening gap between unprecedented opportunity for some and growing uncertainty for many, with “working poverty” affecting nearly half of all workers in the world, according to a new United Nations report.