Nearly four billion remain unconnected to the internet

Nearly four billion people are still not connected to the Internet, according to the UN’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

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UN and Africa: focus on African Union, post offices and digital classroom in a box

AU-led peace operations need “predictable and sustainable” financing

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Encourage girls in science to change “macho” tech culture

Exposing young girls to science and maths might help end the “macho” culture in the tech industry, according to a senior executive with one of the world’s biggest computer companies.

Astrid Tuminez is a Regional Director for Microsoft in South-East Asia.

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“Digital classroom in a box” could boost rural education in Africa

What’s been described as a “digital classroom in a box” could provide a much-needed boost to rural education across Africa.

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New mobile network addresses “challenges of human race”

A new generation of mobile network technology can be employed to help deal with many of the challenges facing the human race.

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Internet access gender gap revealed in UN report

Lack of internet access for women is growing around the world, raising concerns that it could put at risk the UN’s Sustainable Development Goa

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Modern technology hailed as the smart way to make cities better for people

A bid to improve the lives of billions of people in cities by using Information Communication Technology (ICT) to maximum effect is under way at the UN.

The focus on so-called “smart cities” involves 56 cities in Europe, Central Asia and North America.

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