Warnings voiced that refugees may be targeted after Paris attacks

Refugees should not be turned into scapegoats following the terrorist attacks in Paris, France the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has urged.

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Environment award from UN “fills people’s hearts with joy”

Recognition from the UN for helping to alleviate the risk of flooding was met with joy and pride on Tuesday, in the English city of Salford.

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Protecting cultural heritage from terrorism: an “imperative for humanity”

It’s an imperative for humanity, to prevent the destruction of the world’s heritage by terrorists, and the trafficking of cultural treasures, said ministers launching a new partnership at the UN on Sunday.

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European proposal to relocate extra 120,000 refugees welcomed

A new proposal by the European Commission to relocate thousands of refugees crossing into Europe has been welcomed by the United Nations.

The EC’s plan is to relocate an additional 120,000 people seeking asylum in Greece, Italy and Hungary to other European nations.

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Boat victims died one by one, say survivors

Survivors of a boat tragedy that claimed the lives of 49 migrants have given graphic accounts of fellow passengers dying one by one, migration experts said Tuesday.

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Food challenge highlighted at Milan Expo 2015

The world needs to consider how it can ensure access to enough food for the planet’s seven billion inhabitants.

That’s the message that the United Nations is promoting at the recently opened Expo Milan 2015 in Italy.

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Sea tragedy survivors “clung to dinghies’ for two days” before rescue

Survivors of the Mediterranean Sea tragedy that cost at least 300 lives at the weekend had to cling to ropes after being pitched into the water by storm waves, the UN has said.

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300 people missing in “major tragedy” in Mediterranean

An incident in which 300 people reportedly went missing while crossing the Mediterranean Sea has been described as a “major tragedy” by the UN Refugee Agency, UNCHR.

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