“Rights and dignity” of Palestinians only possible via “political solution”

The “rights and dignity” of Palestinians will only be realized when the world “wakes up” to the need for a lasting political solution.

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UN Gender Focus: safe birth, indigenous women and LGBTI community

Safe Birth” during emergencies campaign launched in Istanbul

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Schooling a “priority” after disaster strikes

When a natural or man-made disaster strikes the priority for children and families alike is to restart school as quickly as possible; that’s according to the civil society organization, A World at School.

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“Huge” long-term problem for refugee children not in school

Refugee children and their families face “huge” long-term problems if they are not able to attend school, according to the UN Cultural Fund, UNESCO.

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Graphic novel sheds light on status of Roma women

A new comic that is available online takes a novel approach to highlighting the situation of one of the most excluded grou

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