Paradise islands of Pacific increasingly vulnerable to climate change, as UN boosts resilience

A seeming paradise, life on the Pacific islands is threatened by climate change and extreme weather, frustrated by remoteness and a lack of educational and economic opportunities. Secretary-General António Guterres begins a visit to the region this weekend, where he will speak to people living on some of the islands and see for himself how the UN is helping to mitigate some of the biggest issues. 

New UN-backed protections for sharks, manta rays enter into effect

Beginning Sunday 14 September, international trade in specimens of five shark species and all manta ray species, including their meat, gills and fins, will need to be accompanied by permits and certificates confirming that they have been harvested sustainably and legally, as new United Nations-backed trade protections go into effect.

‘One planet, one ocean – together, we must protect them,’ urges UN on World Oceans Day

To commemorate World Oceans Day, the United Nations family is encouraging the international community to reflect on the multiple benefits of oceans and commit to keeping them healthy and productive for current and future generations.

Annan calls for peaceful resolution of disturbances in Solomon Islands

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today called on the people of the Solomon Islands to refrain from violence and re-commit themselves to a peaceful and constitutional resolution of their differences after post-election disturbances in the South Pacific country.

In message to Pacific Islands Forum, Annan stresses UN-regional cooperation

At a time when the challenges and opportunities of this age of globalization oblige all countries and regions to strengthen their partnerships, Secretary-General Kofi Annan today stressed the need to increase collaboration between the United Nations and regional organizations.

UN official sees 'big potential' at small islands conference

A senior United Nations official today told a conference in the Bahamas on small island developing States (SIDS) that these nations, though facing a set of specific challenges, have a great contribution to make to the global community.

Senior UN official to lead talks on improving conditions in small island countries

A senior United Nations official today outlined plans to foster agreement among various international partners attending talks later this month in the Bahamas on how to improve conditions facing small-island developing States.

Security Council lauds Pacific Forum's bid to restore peace in Solomon Islands

The members of the Security Council today lauded efforts by countries of the Pacific Islands Forum, especially Australia and New Zealand, for their efforts to restore peace in the Solomon Islands, scene of recent inter-island political and ethnic fighting, and called on all parties there to renounce the use of force to settle their differences.

Pacific region prepares for UN meeting on development in small island nations

Pacific nations are meeting this week in Apia, Samoa, to clarify a regional position in preparation for a United Nations meeting next year that seeks to address the host of challenges that small island States face due to their size and fragile ecosystems.

UN development programme to boost constitutional reforms in Solomon Islands

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) today announced the launch of a new project aimed at supporting constitutional reforms in the Solomon Islands, a Pacific Ocean archipelago which has recently been the scene of political and ethnic tensions.