UN mission in Iraq needed 'more than ever' to complete transition, Security Council told

Addressing the Security Council today, the top United Nations envoy in Iraq today highlighted the key role played by the UN Mission in the country, stressing that there is still much to be done to improve the political, economic, and social situation in the Middle Eastern nation.

On Day of Iraqi Child, UN reaffirms commitment to protect rights of 16 million children

The United Nations today reaffirmed its commitment to protect and promote the rights of 16 million Iraqi children, on the occasion of the Day of the Iraqi Child, which commemorates the deaths of dozens of children who were killed by a car bomb on 13 July, 2005.

UN envoy condemns attacks in Iraqi cities of Diwaniyah and Karbala

The United Nations top envoy in Iraq today strongly condemned attacks in the cities of Diwaniyah and Karbala which killed and injured dozens of people.

Security Council urges greater efforts by Iraq, Kuwait to resolve post-invasion issues

The Security Council today urged the Governments of Iraq and Kuwait to step up their engagement with the United Nations envoy helping the two countries resolve issues pending from Iraq’s 1990 invasion, including finding Kuwaiti or third-country nationals.

After attacks in Iraq, UN envoy calls for root causes of violence to be addressed

In the wake of deadly attacks across Iraq, the United Nations top envoy there expressed his shock today and called for the country’s Government to address the root causes behind the violence.

UN envoy concerned about delay in relocating Iranian exiles living in Iraqi camp

The United Nations top envoy in Iraq today voiced his concern about the delay in the relocation of the residents of Camp New Iraq – formerly known as Camp Ashraf – to a new location, Camp Hurriya, prior to resettlement in third countries.

UN envoy condemns ‘in the strongest terms’ deadly attack in central Baghdad

The United Nations top envoy in Iraq today condemned “in the strongest terms” an attack in central Baghdad, which reportedly resulted in dozens of deaths and injured many more.

UN report: human rights situation in Iraq remains fragile

The human rights situation in Iraq remains fragile as the country continues its transition to peace and democracy after years of violence, according to a United Nations report released today, noting that Government efforts to protect and promote the rights of its citizens need to be increased.

Despite concerns, Iraq making progress on path to stability – UN envoy

Despite some predictions in the wake of the United States troop withdrawal from Iraq, the Middle Eastern country is making progress on its path to stability, according to the United Nations envoy there.

Condemning latest attacks, UN envoy urges Iraqis to remain steadfast against threats

The top United Nations envoy in Iraq has strongly condemned a series of bombings that took place today, and called on the Iraqi people to remain steadfast amid attempts to derail the country’s quest for democracy and stability.