UN ends probe into Iran’s past nuclear activities, moving international accord closer to implementation

The United Nations nuclear watchdog today closed the book on the possible military aspects of Iran’s nuclear programme, finding that they were limited to feasibility and scientific studies and did not proceed beyond 2009, bringing an international nuclear accord with Iran a step closer to implementation.

UN rights experts urge Iran to stop silencing journalists’ dissenting voices ahead elections

Expressing concern over the detention, prosecution and intimidation of journalists and bloggers in Iran before the upcoming parliamentary elections, United Nations human rights experts today called on the Government to stop “silencing dissenting voices” and to stand by its international obligation on freedom of expression.

UN chief concerned by rising number of executions in Iran

Expressing his “deep sadness” at the recent execution by Iran of two juvenile offenders, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today noted with concern the alarming increase in executions in the country over the last decade.

Iran: UN rights experts outraged at the execution of two juvenile offenders

United Nations human rights experts today expressed their outrage and profound sadness at the execution of a juvenile offender convicted for the death of her husband, whom she had been forced to marry at the age of 16, and which follows the death of a young man last week, who’d been sentenced to death at age 17.

In Iran, UN deputy chief highlights country’s ‘important contributions’ over the decades

Commemorating in Tehran the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, the UN Deputy Secretary-General has highlighted the contributions Iran has made to the global community over the decades, as well as the significant challenges the country still faces.

Israel accuses world powers of “deafening silence” over Iran threats

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the majority of UN member states on Thursday of doing “absolutely nothing” to counter Iran’s threat to “destroy” Israel.

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Head of UN atomic watchdog reports ‘significant’ progress in resolving outstanding issues with Iran

Significant progress has been achieved in the implementation of a road-map to resolve all outstanding issues regarding Iran’s nuclear programme, the head of the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said today, after visiting a nuclear site and meeting senior Government officials, including the President, over the weekend.

Iran deal stepping stone to universal ban on nuclear tests

A landmark deal to strictly curb Iran’s nuclear programme can be built upon to ensure universal ratification of a global treaty to ban all nuclear tests.

That’s according to Lassina Zerbo, Executive Secretary of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test Ban Treaty Organization, CTBTO.

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Saudi Arabia and Iran key to ending Syria war

Talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran could finally put an end to the intractable war in neighbouring Syria, according to the UN’s top official for the strife-torn nation.

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UN atomic energy watchdog will need more than $10 million a year to assess Iran’s nuclear capacity

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) today presented to its member States for approval a report outlining a 9.2 million euros-a-year (roughly $10.5 million) programme to carry out the verification and monitoring of Iran’s nuclear-related commitments as set out in the landmark international agreement reached last month with the Government of Iran.